S'firat HaOmer: Counting the Omer


By Jodi Klein

Leviticus23:15-16 instructs us to count the omer. How do we do that? This book makes it simple, with one page for each day of the count. The short blessing and the count are in Hebrew and English, with easy-to-pronounce phonetic Hebrew. Counting the Omer is 100% user-friendly - if you can read English, you can correctly pronounce the Hebrew transliteration! We have not seen another book that makes it so easy for you to fulfill the Leviticus 23:15-16 command, and you'll end up learning some Hebrew while you're at it.

Why did God instruct us to count up seven weeks to Shavuot beginning on the festival of Firstfruits? Because the wheat harvest, Shavuot, is the best harvest and represents the Groom's harvest of the Bride. There's going to be a wedding! Shavuot (Pentecost in Greek) represents the Hebrew custom of the snatching of the Bride prior to the wedding. Counting the Omer is the intense anticipation God built into this particular holiday by requiring us to count the days leading up to it.

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