New Release: Will Work For Holiness

Will Work For Holiness

By John Klein


Is there a difference between holiness and righteousness?

Yes and it is profound! That’s the reason I am so anxious to get this book into your hands. The difference is so profound that it will change your life as you learn to recognize what only God can do, and what you must do in response.

Discover the implications of holiness and righteousness in their Hebrew context. Learning the important distinctions between them has changed the lives of many people, helping them find answers to personal issues they have struggled with for years.

I feel like this message is a download form the Holy Spirit and is the culmination of my life work. It’s one of the most important things I’ve ever had to communicate.

Will Work for Holiness can be obtained for $12.95 plus S & H from I look forward to hearing how this book has impacted your life.

Working for holiness!

John Klein


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