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Adam Spears John Klein Lost In Translation

John Klein and Adam Spears have taught biblical courses and conferences on Hebrew foundations and Messianic Judaism for over 20 years. Their motto, “If you don’t know covenant, you don’t know Scripture,” identifies one of the primary concepts these two researchers and teachers believe underlies the entire Bible, from the first verse of Genesis to the last verse of Revelation.

John Klein Author Lost In Translation

Author John Klein

John Klein uses Hebraic understandings to unravel end-time prophecy. With a biology  degree from Humboldt University, he speaks and writes on biblical prophecy and how science verifies Scripture. John has pastored full-time for 22 years and is currently a teaching, counseling, and administrative pastor for a Messianic congregation in Bend, Oregon.

Adam Spears Author Lost In Translation

Author Adam Spears

Adam Spears also teaches end-times prophecy, Scripture and Messianic Jewish courses. He has been senior rabbi of House of Covenant, a Messianic congregation in Bend, Oregon for 15 years, teaching and counseling with focus on deep love for the Jewish people and Israel.