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Our mission is to help you rediscover the Hebrew roots of the Bible. 

There is no more rewarding journey than looking at the Bible from a Hebrew cultural, conceptual, and linguistic perspective. Discover more of the Bible with our resources. Our hope is that Lost in Translation will spark in you a deeper desire to study God’s Word and draw you into a more intimate relationship with our Lord.

These are also the exact tools that unlock biblical prophecy, especially the book of Revelation. As our world becomes more chaotic, we’re seeing a crescendo of events leading to what’s laid out in Revelation. You need to know the biblical concepts of betrothal and covenant and the Hebrew framework on which Revelation rests to understand what’s up ahead. It’s like pieces of a puzzle all coming together and at last making sense.

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Will Work for Holiness and Biblical Nuggets Bundle
19.95 22.95

Will Work for Holiness

By John Klein

Is there a difference between holiness and righteousness? Yes – and it’s profound! It’s so profound that it will change your life because you’ll recognize what only God can do and what you must do. Discover the implications of holiness and righteousness in their Hebrew context. Learning the important distinctions between them has changed the lives of many people, helping find answers to personal issues they’ve struggled with for years.


Biblical Nuggets

By John Klein

Nugget, definition: A Biblical truth that gives goosebumps, stirs your soul, or quickens you pulse; that "Aha!" moment.



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Anatomy of the Heavens and Daniel Roars Today Bundle
24.95 29.95

Anatomy of the Heavens

By John Klein

The constellations in our night sky have captivated almost everyone throughout history and have a remarkable story to tell. It’s God’s most dramatic message, and it’s literally written in the stars. Each of the 12 constellations plays its part in telling the overarching plan God has had since the beginning of creation.

Daniel Roars Today

By John Klein

Daniel roars because it’s a message that must be heard today. It’s a message received 2,600 years ago but meant for our time as the end of the ages draws near. Daniel roars forth precision – dates of kingdoms and events that are so precise that critics go into warp speed to disprove the date Daniel wrote them to avoid the only other alternative: Daniel’s God reigns in the affairs.

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Daniel Study Guide

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By Jim Kraft

Whether you are doing an individual study or studying with a group, knowledge of the book of Revelation can’t be understood properly without the foundation Daniel provides. Yeshua privately related to His disciples that Daniel is key to understanding all prophecies concerning His return.

This study guide has been developed to help you better understand ­– and perhaps better appreciate – the amazing prophecies revealed in the book of Daniel. By focusing on each chapter of Daniel and comparing it with the corresponding chapter in Daniel Roars Today, you should be able to unlock mysteries that have been waiting for you for more than 2,500 years.


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Word Chart: “What’s in a Word?”

Our hope is that Lost in Translation will spark in you a deeper desire to study God’s Word, and draw you into a more intimate relationship with our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

This laminated chart makes it easy for you to decode God’s original meaning for the words He chose to be in your Bible. The best part is that you don’t even have to know Hebrew to use it!

If Hebrew is the language He used to speak the universe into existence, we’d expect it to be unique and indeed it is!

Hebrew, is the only language that is both phonetic (each letter has its own sound) and pictographic (each letter is a picture with meaning). When the pictures are strung together, we can see the meaning of the word. For example, the Hebrew letters for the word Satan mean “the snake that consumes life.” Shalom (peace) means “to consume the authority that binds you to chaos.” See how exciting this is?

This chart enables you to delve into the greatest word adventure of a lifetime because you can decode insight from the Creator Himself. Mine the treasures of His incredible language. It will embellish your teaching and your personal Bible study and will keep you marveling at the mind of God who invented the most unique language in existence.